Steering and Suspension Service and Repair in Houston, TX

Anytime you get behind the wheel, you want to be in complete control of your vehicle. Your steering and suspension system plays a major role in this area and when certain components are worn or damaged, it can compromise the overall handling of your vehicle, as well as its safety. The Auto Doc in Houston, TX has all the necessary equipment and expertise to keep your steering and suspension system in proper working order and you in complete control of your vehicle. Our ASE-certified technicians are here for all of your steering and suspension needs, regardless of the make or model that you drive.

Steering & Suspension Repair

Your automobile is a complex piece of machinery with plenty of moving parts and systems. When these parts or systems are not working properly, your car will let you know. Some of the common signs that you need steering and suspension service or repair include:

  • While you’re driving, your vehicle is pulling to the right or left
  • You are now feeling each small bump on the road
  • A corner of your vehicle is sitting lower in comparison to the others
  • Bouncier ride than usual
  • You are experiencing difficulties when steering your vehicle
  • A shaking or off-center steering wheel

Shock and Struts

The shocks and struts are a crucial element of your car’s steering and suspension system. While they don’t necessarily have specific replacement intervals, eventually they’ll wear out and have to be replaced. In some cases, they might last up to 100,000 miles, however, if they’re damaged or leaking, they’ll need to be replaced sooner. If your vehicle is dipping or diving when you are braking or if it feels very shaky on the road, it could be a sign that it’s time to replace your shocks and struts.

Wheel Alignment

When your wheels are out of alignment, it affects your suspension system and also causes uneven tire wear. Modern wheel alignments need advanced alignment tools and expert technicians. The Auto Doc has both and is ready to assist when you find your vehicle pulling to one side or you notice excessive tire wear.

If you have concerns regarding your car’s steering and suspension system, give us a call today to schedule your next steering and suspension service appointment. With convenient hours, same-day service, complimentary local shuttle service, and a 2 year/24,000-mile warranty, we’ll ensure your auto repair experience with us is the best you’ve ever had. Call us or make an appointment online today!