Oil Change in Houston, TX

When it comes to extending engine life and maximizing engine performance, an oil change is the best place to start. In Houston, TX, The Auto Doc is your full-service auto repair center of choice for top-notch oil changes and excellent customer service. Regular oil change services help keep all of your engine components lubricated and protected from 2 of the biggest nemeses - heat and friction. If your oil and filter are too old, the engine will struggle to perform and can be seriously damaged over time. Avoid needless wear and tear on your car’s engine by scheduling an oil change service according to the best mileage and time interval for your specific vehicle.

Not Just an Oil Change

Here at The Auto Doc, our knowledgeable ASE-certified technicians do more than just drain and replace your old engine oil. We’ll replace and recycle your old oil and filter, check all critical components, and inspect all vital fluids such as brake, transmission, power steering fluids, and engine coolant. Additionally, our Houston oil changes include a courtesy vehicle inspection. Our expert team members will inspect your vehicle front to back to ensure your belts, battery, lights, tires, hoses, and brakes are in proper working condition. Additionally, we inspect your steering and suspension systems to help protect your tires and keep you safe on the road.

Why Choose The Auto Doc

Our shop is family-owned and operated and proudly serves the areas of Montrose, Downtown Houston, the Medical Center of Houston, Houston Heights, and Mid-Town areas. When you choose our shop for your vehicle’s regular oil change, your car will be handled utilizing state-of-the-art tools and the best quality products. We work on all makes and models of vehicles and offer same-day service most days. We also have a free shuttle service available if you need a ride while we service your vehicle.

As soon as your vehicle is due for an oil change, look no further than the experts here at The Auto Doc. We believe in quality and professional oil changes and offer various oil change specials, and more. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or schedule an appointment with us online today!