Battery Maintenance Tips for the Winter

Modern vehicles have more electrical demands than generations before. Your car’s battery has to be in good condition to meet those demands effectively. The battery’s primary function is not only to supply a steady stream of electrical current to your vehicle’s accessories but also the starter motor. Hence, it cranks on when you turn your key. It’s no secret that summer heat can destroy batteries, but winter chill can also be damaging. Cold temperatures can be hard on the battery, forcing it to work almost twice as hard in the winter as it would in typical climates.  

Common signs your battery is starting to die: 

  • It takes longer to start your car. 
  • The headlights and interior lights are starting to become dim. 
  • The engine clicks, but your vehicle won’t start. 

Car and Truck Battery Maintenance Tips:  

  • While your vehicle is cold, check the battery every so often to ensure the terminals are securely connected. 
  • If you notice minor signs of corrosion, use water and baking soda to clean it off.
  • Make a note of any leakage and have it inspected to ensure your battery is operating efficiently. 
  • Turn off all accessories when you leave your vehicle. 
  • During the winter, try to drive for an extended period to allow the alternator to charge the battery adequately.  

Vehicle battery maintenance and service in Houston, Texas

If you notice any of the above signs that your battery is dying, reach out to automotive technicians at The Auto Doc for a battery check. We can check your battery, charge it, and also replace it. If you plan on taking a Thanksgiving road trip, make sure your battery won’t die on your while you’re on the road. Stop in for a quick check for an added peace of mind. 

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