Do Rear Brakes Wear Faster than the Front Brakes?

Your car needs regular care and servicing to remain in acceptable condition for use. Because it comprises many parts, it only makes sense to take care of individual parts and systems for better results. One of these systems is the brake system. It is one of the most vital to the vehicle's functioning, so you must pay special attention to it by replacing and maintaining it often.

In most vehicles, the front brake pads will wear out faster than the rear ones because they handle more weight. This is unless your car is used for carrying heavy loads at the back regularly, in which case the brake pads will at the back wear off faster.

How to Make the Brakes Last Longer.

Reduce Weight and Unnecessary Braking. The best way to ensure your brakes last longer is by reducing the car's weight and minimizing unnecessary heavy braking. The less your brakes are used, the longer they are likely to last.

Choose Your Roads Wisely. Brake pads will last longer if the vehicle is used on smooth terrain. Driving your car with traffic flow on well-maintained roads means you do not have to brake often. This is why driving on one-way roads is advised.

Driving fast often means you have to keep braking to avoid hitting other drivers or even making turns on the road. This strains the brake pads, which inevitably begin to wear off faster. Slow drivers can make turns without braking or at least using minimal brakes, which is why their brake pads last longer.

Another way to keep your brake pads for longer is to wipe the dust off the rotors. Dust accumulated on the rotors increases friction and subsequent wear and tear. Cleaning your rotors leaves the surface clean and smooth for less friction and heat buildup during braking. It also helps if your tires are in good condition to grip the road when braking.

If your brakes need a professional touch-up, we invite you to bring your vehicle to The Auto Doc for reliable brake services.