How To Update Software on Infotainment System on a Toyota Corolla 11th Generation

Infotainment System Update on a Toyota Corolla 11th Generation | The Auto Doc

Your Toyota Corolla has been a steadfast companion on countless journeys, delivering reliability and comfort year after year. But as technology advances at a lightning pace, your Corolla's infotainment system might start to feel a bit outdated. While the 11th Gen is quite

new, a software update might be the thing it needs to feel that much more modern - but how do you do that?

Step 1: Prepare for the Update

Before you start the update process, ensure you have the following:

  • A reliable Wi-Fi connection
  • A USB flash drive with sufficient storage capacity
  • Your Corolla's vehicle identification number (VIN)

Step 2: Check for Updates

Start by turning on your Corolla's ignition and navigating to the infotainment system's main menu. Look for an option like "System" or "Settings," then find "Software Update" or a similar label. Follow the on-screen prompts to check for available updates.

Step 3: Download the Update

If an update is available, connect your Corolla to a stable Wi-Fi network and start the download process. Depending on the update's size, this may take some time, so be patient.

Step 4: Prepare the USB Drive

While the update downloads, format your USB flash drive as FAT32 and ensure it's empty. Once the download is complete, transfer the updated files to the USB drive.

Step 5: Install the Update

With the USB drive prepared, turn off the Corolla's engine and insert the USB drive into one of the USB ports. Turn the ignition back on, and the infotainment system should recognize the update. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the installation.

Step 6: Wait for Completion

The installation process may take a while, and your infotainment system may restart several times. Allow it to complete the update without interruption.

Step 7: Verify the Update

Once the update is installed, check the system information to confirm that the new software version is active.

Step 8: Enjoy the Enhanced Features

Your Toyota Corolla's infotainment system is now equipped with the latest software and features. Enjoy improved functionality, enhanced connectivity, and a more modern user experience on your next drive.

If you are having issues with the process, contact us at The Auto Doc, and we will be happy to help out!