Is a Transmission Rebuild the Right Option for You?

When your vehicle’s transmission is on its way out, you may have to consider one of two options: rebuilding it or replacing it. 

Why Might You Choose Rebuilding over Replacing?

A transmission rebuild is a process of taking apart the transmission and only replacing or repairing those parts that are damaged. Most of the time, you have the choice of choosing between new or refurbished parts. Overall, a transmission rebuild is more cost-effective than a complete replacement. It is the preferable choice when certain parts of your transmission are salvageable.

Whereas, a transmission replacement is way more expensive and could require a longer amount of time to get done. Either way, transmission repairs, rebuilds, and replacements are not easy jobs to get done. They require special tools, quality parts, and extensive knowledge and expertise. 

If your vehicle’s transmission is malfunctioning, you will need to get one of the repair options we mentioned above. The transmission is necessary to transfer energy from the engine to the wheels. Without it, your vehicle will not get you from point A to point B.

Signs You Need a Transmission Rebuild

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid
  • Burning Odors
  • Trouble Staying in Gear
  • Problems with Shifting Gears
  • Grinding Noises

If you are contemplating between getting a transmission rebuild or replacement, please consult with our professional technicians You can always count on the team at The Auto Doc to give you accurate and fairly-priced transmission repairs. We’d be happy to take a look at your transmission today