What Is Computer Diagnostics?

Is one of your dashboard warning lights on, but you have no clue what it could be? If yes, then a computer diagnostics service is precisely what you're looking for. The Auto Doc is the number one trusted source for diagnostics testing in Houston, TX.


What Is Computer Diagnostics?

Computer diagnostics is a service we offer, where one of our technicians connects our state-of-the-art equipment to your vehicle. The technology scans your vehicle's computer for error codes that helps us look in the right direction of the problem. A car diagnostic requires good quality tools and special knowledge to accurately pinpoint the problem. It can detect anything from ignition timing issues, poor fuel injector performance, alarming engine rpm levels, buildup in the engine, motor temperature, and more. Once we analyze the codes, our technicians will proceed to carefully inspect the problem area to determine what repairs need to be done. Computer diagnostic scans are the first and most important step in diagnosing a vehicle warning light.


Why Do We Use It?

Computer diagnostics is a reliable way to find underlying problems in a vehicle. On average, vehicles have around 30,000 parts, which can be daunting to inspect one by one. Thanks to technological advancements in cars, computer diagnostics help mechanics localize and determine the source of the problem efficiently. In other words, computer diagnostics help streamline what automotive technicians should be looking at. 


The technology in vehicles continues to grow more sophisticated year over year. All in all, computer diagnostics ensures accurate and real-time diagnostics. If your check engine light recently came on, please do not wait to bring your car to The Auto Doc for inspection. Once we test your vehicle, we can get you the help your car needs. Please call or visit our shop today.