What Kind of Tire Repairs Are Needed for Flat Tires?

Flat tires are a common occurrence that every driver faces at some point in time. A flat tire can cause inconvenience, and safety concerns, and slow you down on the road. In this blog, we'll take a look at how flat tires are repaired at auto repair shops.

  • Puncture Repairs: Punctures are the most common cause of flat tires. They happen when a sharp object, such as a nail or glass, penetrates the tire and causes air to escape. At an auto repair shop, a puncture repair involves removing the object, patching the hole, and inflating the tire back to its proper pressure.
  • Plug Repairs: Another common way to repair a flat tire is to use a plug. A plug is a long rubber strip that is inserted into the puncture to seal the hole. Plugs are a quick and easy way to fix a flat, but they are not a permanent solution. If you have a large puncture, a plug repair may not be enough to hold the air in the tire, and you may need to have it replaced.
  • Patch Repairs: A patch repair is a more permanent solution to a flat tire. A patch is a rubber plug that is applied to the inside of the tire, covering the puncture. The patch is then secured with a special adhesive and the tire is inflated. This type of repair is more durable than a plug repair, but it can only be done if the tire has not been damaged beyond repair.
  • Sidewall Repairs: If your tire has a puncture or a tear in the sidewall, it cannot be repaired. A tire with a sidewall puncture or tear must be replaced.

Flat tires can be fixed by any of the methods mentioned above. The best course of action to take depends on how the tire was damaged or became flat. If you have a flat tire, we welcome you to The Auto Doc.