When Are Tune-Ups Necessary?

The meaning of a tune-up has changed over the years, and today it is simply a maintenance process that involves checking and adjusting all of the systems and parts relating to the combustion process. Each vehicle is different and requires maintenance at different times. In other words, some cars may need tune-ups more frequently than others. Typically, older vehicles need it more often than newer cars with advanced fuel injection and ignition systems.

Whether you are running a newer or older vehicle model, the experts at The Auto Doc can help keep your car running in peak condition! 

4 Signs Your Car is Due for a Tune-Up 

  • Poor Fuel Mileage - MPG can be difficult to measure if your car doesn’t have an indicator. However, if you are having to fill up a lot more frequently, you should consider a tune-up. Our technicians can run tests and diagnostics to determine what is causing the poor efficiency.
  • New, Odd Noises - If you’ve heard weird sounds while you drive, it is a clear indicator that something is wrong. Instead of drowning out the sound with music, please bring your car to The Auto Doc for inspections. Noises can be minor or serious as a clogged catalytic converter, so don’t wait.
  • Check Engine Light - When this light comes on your dash, don’t panic. We can run diagnostics on your vehicle to determine the root cause of the issue.
  • Problems with Car Starting - If your engine can’t manage to start, it is a clear indicator that your car needs a tune-up. A possibility could be aged spark plugs in your engine are misfiring.

A regular tune-up is essential to every vehicle owner because it helps us catch issues early on, so you won’t suffer from extensive, costly repairs. If you are noticing any of the signs above, you should be ready to schedule your upcoming tune-up at The Auto Doc. Please give us a call or use our online form to schedule an appointment today.