When's the Last Time You Inspected Your Belts & Hoses?

Your car's belt and hoses play a crucial role when it comes to how smooth and seamless a car runs. Like most drivers, you probably don't pay much care to the belt system since it's tucked away under the hood. However, both hoses and belts have a major supporting role in powering various vehicle systems, especially heating and cooling. Proper care on your car's belts and hoses can save you from surprises and costly repairs. 


Here are a select few of the belts and hoses you should know about:


This ribbed rubber belt helps turn your vehicle's crankshaft and camshaft and keeps them in sync. Without the timing belt, your car would not run at all. If you hear it break mid-drive, you should pull over immediately and call for assistance. If an old timing belt is left unattended, it can translate to significant and expensive engine damage. Your timing belt should be swapped out for a new one every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on wear and tear. During your regular maintenance checks, feel free to ask your mechanic at The Auto Doc to inspect it for signs of wear.


The serpentine can also be known as the drive belt, and it is another essential belt that numerous other car functions rely on. It supplies power to the AC compressor, the power steering pump, and the cooling fan. Given its position, it must stay in working condition to ensure you get proper airflow. As a responsible owner, you should regularly check for abnormal signs. The serpentine belt will often emit a weird sound when it malfunctions.


The radiator hose is deemed the most important hose under the hood because it pumps a coolant to the engine. Without this mechanism, your engine would overheat. The good news is these hoses rarely get corrupted. However, they do operate under extreme temperatures and pressures, making it possible to crack or break. 


All of your vehicles' hoses and belts require attention from time to time to avoid preventable breakdowns and mishaps. If you need belt or hose repair, we invite you to bring your car, SUV, or truck to The Auto Doc today!